Temple Christian School
Building Champions for Christ
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Bruce, Krystal - Administrative Assistant

Edwards, Analiza - Business Manager

Edwards, John - Administrative Director

Kondratowski, Shirley - VPK Teacher

Lohmeier, Brittany - Principal

Garton-Miulli, Skyla - 1st/2nd Grade Teacher

Repke, Karis - K-5

Saxton, Regina -  Electives Teacher, LC1 Monitor

Wilson, Ana - K3 Teacher

Yeargin, Jason - LC2 Supervisor (7th - 12th)

Yocum, Jean - Nursery Director


Our Philosophy on Christian Education

Temple Christian School has been established to provide an excellent Christian education under girded by a vital faith in God and in the Bible as the revealed Word of God. We believe that all students are a distinct creation of an omnipotent God. We also believe that they should be careful and faithful stewards of their consciences, understanding that they are directly responsible to God for the direction of their lives.

Furthermore, individuals who allow the Lord to govern their lives will demonstrate proper Christian character. At Temple Christian, we have established models of Christian character for our students to emulate. However, parents have a God-given responsibility to educate their children, and the Christian school acts as an extension of the Christian home. Therefore, parents and those to whom they give charge should utilize Biblical methods of correction when needed.

We believe that the center of our curriculum should be the Word of God which teaches us that Jesus Christ is the center of all truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

At TCS, we believe that a Christian school is Christian teachers training students to first of all know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. It is then our desire to help each student realize that the highest calling for any individual is to fulfill God’s perfect will for his/her life.