Temple Christian School
Building Champions for Christ




Temple Christian School is committed to a continual academic development both from program to program and from year to year.  Our academic program is traditional in philosophy, Bible-centered and teacher-driven in instruction. It is our goal to instruct our students so that they develop and apply a Biblical worldview as well as a love for learning and excellence. Our lead teachers are born again, degreed, and certified by FACCS.  We are all dedicated to improving our program so that excellence is central to all we do.  It is our purpose to provide a program of progressive learning experiences based upon God and His Word.  Committed to the principles and ideals embodied in a Christian life, we propose to offer spiritual, intellectual, and physical training, as well as training for life.


K4 - 2nd Grades

Curriculum: Abeka

In addition to the core subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic, students engage in learning experiences in the areas of Bible, music, and art.  Weekly chapels further enhance the Bible program and provide an outlet for fun.


3rd - 6th Grades

Curriculum: Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) and Abeka


Housed in Learning Center 1 (LC1), students in grades 3-6 enjoy a combination of both an individualized-approach to learning, as well as cooperative learning delivered in a traditional format.  In addition to the core subjects, students engage in daily Bible lessons and weekly chapel.  Further specials - including art, music, physical education, Spanish, and library - serve to round out their education while providing an opportunity for creativity and a sense of community.  Mini classes rotate throughout the year in courses such as library, basic home economics, and gardening (as examples).


7th - 12th Grades

Curriculum: Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.), Abeka, and Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

Situated in Learning Center  (LC2), 7th - 12th graders engage in a combination of both individually-based education, as well as cooperative learning delivered in a traditional format.  In addition to the core subjects, students enjoy daily Bible class and weekly chapel.  Elective opportunities include Physical Education, Spanish, Music, Voice and Cadet Core - a JROTC style program. Further elective opportunities such as Photography, Leadership Skills, etc. and online learning requirements are met via FLVS